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Gorgias Chrome 4.0.6

Hola all!

We just released version 4.0.6 of our amazing which includes a few bug fixes and some cool new features.

New features

We added a 2 new variables for the editor. If you don't know what variables are yet, you can check out the .

Random choice variable

Aren't you tired of the same old 'Hello Mr. Jenkins'? So are we. Add some variation to your greetings and closers using the random choice.

Some example templates: {{choice 'Hello, Greetings, Hi, Hey'}} {{to.first_name}},

The above will randomly choose one option and could transform into this: Hey Mr. Jenkins,

Or this (it's random!): Hi Mr. Jenkins,

Date variables

We now have date variables. Which allows us to do stuff like this:

Example: {{date '+7' 'days'}}
The above adds 7 days to the current date and prints the future date.

If today is '2015-12-06' then the variable above transforms to: 2015-12-13

A few more examples :

{{date '-2' 'hours'}} -> 2 hours back
{{date '+1' 'months'}} -> next month from now
{{date '+7' 'days' 'DD mmmm'}} -> custom formatting: 13 December

To see the complete list of possible formats check out momentjs formatting here.

Also all that is described in this post can be also found in our official documentation here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Linkedin bug of variable completion with their new messenger.
  • Fixed new tag creation issue.