Automate tickets with Shopify data

If you were to launch a marketing campaign for your store, you wouldn't send the same message to the entire audience, right? Instead, you'll probably segment »

Romain Lapeyre

Thank you, interns!

At Gorgias we've been very fortunate to work with some amazing people who did their internship with us: Amit Poonia Astrid Parmentier Emilie Drouin Hadrien de »

Alex Plugaru Alex Plugaru on Gorgias

New signatures to help with multi-brand

A growing part of our customers are managing multiple brands in Gorgias. As a result, they need to use specific signatures and macros for each brand. »

Romain Lapeyre

Is your customer support ROI positive?

Support is a black box: you spend money on it because you know it's essential for your business, but you have no idea if it's profitable. Here's how you can ensure your support is ROI positive. »

Romain Lapeyre

Announcing the ReCharge integration

Recharge is the most popular subscription app in the Shopify app store and is the preferred solution for Shopify Plus stores. Over 10,000 Shopify merchants »

Astrid Parmentier