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New signatures to help with multi-brand

A growing part of our customers are managing multiple brands in Gorgias. As a result, they need to use specific signatures and macros for each brand. On top of that, some channels, like Amazon support emails, require signatures without links.

We used to have personal signatures for each agent.
When an agent would respond to an email, the signature would be inserted. The problem with this method was that you couldn't have one signature per brand.

Additionally, signatures are a good way to communicate news or promotions to your customers.
For instance, you might want to ask everyone on your support team to add a Get 15% off in March with SPRING15. With the previous behavior, you had to ask everybody in your team to edit their signature and add the promotion.

We've decided to tie each signature to an email integration. You can create a signature for each email address, for instance one for support@sfbicycles.com and one for support@labears.com.

You can then customize each signature with variables like the agent name or email.


We hope this will make it easier for your team to manage multiple brands in Gorgias!